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About nijinana

Nijinana, a brand full of colors

The word “niji” means rainbow in Japanese, while “nana” means seven. Seven rainbows are sure to bring some brightness into the world 🙂

This rainbow philosophy is anchored in our products and branding, for you to be anyone you want to be. Embrace what makes you different with a large variety of styles, colors and designs. 

At Nijinana, we believe we are not “one” but “infinite”. Don’t put one tag on yourself, but many! Adopt a “chameleon style” and make everyday a new opportunity to play with the various features of your personality! 

Our mission

Be bold, be fun, be fashionable, be different. Keep the things you need always close to you while embracing and enhancing your unique style.

At Nijinana we aim to create designs that will bring a smile to people’s faces, because whatever your style might be we all deserve a little extra happiness!